For a long time, I didn't eat breakfast. It lets me sleep in, spend more time in the shower, and eat a bigger lunch. I eventually got to a point where I couldn't wait for lunch, and started taking the little bit of extra time in the morning to eat. I was actually productive in the morning, rather than sitting there checking the clock to find out when I can eat. It turns out eating breakfast can actually mean more for you than productivity.

A survey of 2,000 Americans - 1,000 who eat breakfast and 1,0000 who don't - to make some comparisons in their daily lives.

65% of breakfast eaters said they have moved up in a position over the course of the career, while only 38% of respondents who don't have been.

Your daily life can benefit from eating breakfast as well. 60% of breakfast eaters were married, while only 41% of non-eaters had a spouse.

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OnePoll's survey on behalf of Dave's Killer Bread also found that breakfast eaters reported much higher levels of happiness in their life.

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