Yesterday the news came out that a serial dine and dasher was wanted after walking out of several restaurant in Cedar Rapids. Well, last night he was caught!

Tracy Haas got nabbed at the Applebee's on Elmore right here in Davenport and was taken to the Scott County Jail on a intrastate detainer. It seems as though his years of not paying for his meals has caught up to him.

Since 2016, the 46-year-old has been hitting up restaurants from Cedar Falls to Cedar Rapids. Thanks to his recent publicity, someone locally recognized him and called the police shortly after 8 P.M. on Monday night.

Dwyer & Michaels spoke with a person who was at Applebee's when Haas showed up. He was by himself, having some drinks at the bar and seemed intoxicated. The staff recognized Haas from the articles showing his photo and he was even wearing the same outfit.

So they kept an eye on him and kept him distracted. Haas eventually stepped outside, like he was going to leave. The server says they went to talk to him and asked if he had an unpaid bill. Haas said he did and was just stepping outside to smoke a cigarette.

That's when the server noticed he wasn't even holding a cigarette. That's when the staff called police and reported him.

The dine and dasher then said he would go get his wallet from his car. Staff followed him to the parking lot where he walked around confused, eventually he walked to Panera and then through the parking lots along Kimberly Road. Apparently he couldn't find where he parked.

Here's a photo and video of Haas when the staff figured out who he was:

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