Some people have started getting the jump on the Halloween season by putting their decorations up already. Like every other year, they're getting confused for actual murder scenes.

Before you ask, no, it was not me who called 911. As far as I can tell, this is the first 911 call of the season over decorations.

Becky Muhs in West Fargo, North Dakota put his first decoration up last weekend: the words "HELP ME" written in blood and a handprint on her window.

Since it was the only thing Becky had set up and her neighbors aren't in the Halloween mindset yet, somebody freaked out. Maybe next time she should start with the inflatable ghosts or something to give away that it's just a Halloween display.

Hours after the decoration was put up, police got a call thinking that somebody inside the house might really need help. Responding officers cleared things up with Becky and aren't making her take it down.

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