After putting in a hard day's work here at the Rock 'N Roll Mansion, Dwyer & Michaels ran down to the KWQC TV-6 Studios yesterday to join Morgan Ottier on QCT @ 11 to talk about the Dwyer & Michaels Halloween Ball.


They got to hang out and watch as Kyle Kiel did the weather, and Morgan open the show at the News Desk.


Dwyer immediately began the interview by dogging Morgan's studio after she pointed out the Dorks had just been on Paula Sands Live! a couple of weeks ago.

"Yes! Paula's so nice. Such a nicer place than yours. She's got furniture, and she had snacks. I came in here and had to do my own hair! This is why I look like this!" Dwyer said.

Running down the list, they talked about the Halloween Ball, and how it's the best costume ball in the Midwest.


Cash prizes, over 700 people in costume, free food from Smokin' BBQ and Wise Guys Pizza, plus music from QC-based Soulstorm and Chicago-based Hairbanger's Ball.

Check out their interview here:

Find out everything you need to know about the 2023 Dwyer & Michaels Halloween Ball - and get your tickets - right here.

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