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For Those About To Rock

Michaels made the bold inference that AC/DC wrote For Those About To Rock with the pyrotechnics in mind to use it for a closing of their shows.

Of course, a quick Google search from Hairball about instantly proved that wrong. In an interview, Angus Young said that the inspiration came from an old salute from Roman prisoners who were being executed in the Colosseum.

"Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant" ("Hail Caesar, those who are about to die salute you").

He also said that the cannon idea came because Princess Diana's wedding was taking place when they were recording and heard cannons while they were recording and thought "That sounds awesome."

"Woah Woah Woah"

We got a message from Jessica who was looking to find out the name of a song for her dad.

"you played some obscure song between 530-6pm tonight and my dad can't shut up about it and I can't find it. he said he hasnt heard it since he was a kid and all he remembers is they say ...woah woah woah... 😆"

So, we got them on the phone to give some ideas of what it might be, and "John" (we're pretty sure that's not his real name) remembered instantly when Red Skies by The Fixx was thrown out there as a suggestion.

Michaels commissioned Hairball to draw the two based on the phone call. He gave "John" a cool little goatee.


Door To Door Salesman

Michaels had another door to door salesman come by his house in subzero temperatures, and after no answer, the guy turned back down the sidewalk - only to have a problem on the one stair along the way.

Human Head AND Hands Found In A Freezer

A story out of Colorado shocked a neighborhood when some new homeowners made the disturbing discovery of opening a deep freezer in the front yard to find a human head and hands.

Fan Rushing The Court Collided With Caitlin Clark in Ohio

Caitlin Clark was on her way off the court after a loss against Ohio State when a fan rushed the court and the two focused on where they were headed, colliding into each other.

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