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Atlanta's Magnet Man

A guy in Atlanta rigged his bike up to pick up debris with a magnet to save drivers from what could hit their tires.

Dwyer's New Car

Dwyer ordered his wife a new car, and in one of the commercials for Dahl Ford a few weeks ago, he said "When you buy a car, someone is waiting to throw rose petals as you walk to your car."


When they picked up the car, KV Dahl was waiting to throw rose petals as Dwyer and his wife walked out of the dealership to drive home.

Ranch Riders Egg Hunt

The Ranch Riders' Easter Egg Hunt is this weekend at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds.

Ranch Riders Easter Egg Hunt
Ranch Riders Easter Egg Hunt

30,000 Easter Eggs will be spread out across the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds for the annual Easter Egg Hunt and its all for a good cause.

Doug Brundies Stops By To Play For Us

Doug Brundies stopped by to play a few tunes for us to give us a sample of what we'll hear at "Unplugged: The Day We Lost A Legend" on April 5th at Skylark in Rock Island.

Check out his live in-studio performance of All Apologies.

Groom-To-Be Lost His Fiance's Wedding Dress

A groom who went and picked up his bride-to-be's wedding dress put it on top of his car and drove off with the box on the roof.

Dwyer Saw Some Crazy Bird Movement

Dwyer saw a huge flock of birds yesterday take off from a cornfield, and it turns out they forecast how crazy the bird migrations will be.

There's a website called BirdCast where they have an active migration radar, and they'll give some bird migration forecasts.

One of our listeners spotted this murmuration near Peoria yesterday.



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