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The Seaquarium in Miami is Closing

Due to the city determining that the pressure on the structures from all the water on the building has made them unsafe, the Seaquarium is being evicted from the property they've been for almost 70 years.

Don't Underestimate Goose's Ability To Whoop Your Ass

This morning we were talking about Goose and his jiu-jitsu abilities. Hairball immediately was reminded of when Goose cracked one of his ribs after he talked a bunch of smack about being able to take him on.

Michaels Is Watching A New Show

Michaels started watching a new show on Netflix called American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders. 

An investigative journalist pursuing a political conspiracy known as the Octopus is found dead in his hotel room. Decades later, new details emerge.


Michaels Shot A Sunset Timelapse in Jamaica

Last week, while in Jamaica, Michaels shot a timelapse of the sun setting over the ocean. With calm waters in real-time, you don't notice how much the boats float back and forth until you see the time-lapse.

It's about 90 minutes worth of sunset cut down to 25 seconds or so.

Open Dek For QC DekHockey Is This Weekend

One of the things the Quad Cities is uniquely known for is Dek Hockey, and you have a chance to check it out for just $10 this weekend with Open Dek.

3 Years Hollow Gets A Mention in Loudermilk

In the show Loudermilk on Netflix, there's a nod directly at the Quad Cities and 3 Years Hollow.

The show is about a former (and now "washed up") Rolling Stone critic named Sam Loudermilk, who's career's demise was his alcoholism. He now runs an Alcoholics Anonymous-like group called "Sober Friends."

In the show, Rock Island native and musician Lissie portrays a sort of one-off of herself, and during a conversation, Rock Island, the Quad Cities, and 3 Years Hollow come up.

In Game Baseball Interviews

Dwyer isn't sure about the way in-game interviews are going to be taking over baseball, saying it's equal parts entertaining and annoying.

The mic packs they use are flexible and waterproof, the QT-AD10 from Q5X, so if someone has to dive or takes a spill while interviewing, the transmitter isn't going to break mid-interview.


Here's one of the best ones from a few years ago with Mookie Betts.

Star Wars Ads in Chile

When the original Star Wars trilogy finally aired in Chile around 2003 without traditional commercial breaks.

Sounds like a great deal, Star Wars on TV with no ads? That's the dream. Except they still fit advertising in for a beer brand known as "Cervesa Cristal" by editing in things to look like the characters are reaching into coolers or using the Force to pull the beers to themselves.

Michaels Saw A Real Life Gilligan's Island Situation

When Michaels was in Jamaica, they saw a boat that looked just like the S.S. Minnow washed up on the beach after the tropical storm that came through the week before.


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