You ever driven by a closed water park, and think about how fun it would be to sneak in and have the whole place to yourself? A duo of friends decided to just go for it, and now they're suing the water park.

46-year-old Claire Vickers and her friend, 44-year-old Barry Douglas snuck into Aldershot Lido water park in Aldershot, England.

They climbed up and rode down a yellow flume slide, but when they reached the end of the slide, realized there was a large barrier blocking the end of the slide.

Unfortunately for them, the two couldn't stop in time and slid feet first into the barrier, taking on some really bad leg injuries.

Claire shattered her ankle, and Barry broke both of his ankles and fibulas. Even worse, the two weren't able to get out of the slide on their own, and were trapped in the flume of the slide for two hours until help arrived, according to Hampshire Live

The help, came via a call from neighbors of the park who called the Hampshire Constabulary officers who were called to investigate what they thought were kids messing around in the waterpark.

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The two were taken to Frimley Park Hospital, but their injuries were too severe, so they were transferred to St. George's Hospital, where they were treated.

Aldershot Lido didn't press charges on the two, presumably because they likely learned their lesson from the incident. However, Claire and Barry appeared on a morning show called This Morning, where they said they'd be suing the park.

"They should have security there for a start and the fence should be secured and there will be legal action being taken," Barry told the host, who was just as shocked as anyone else who heard the statement.

One Twitter user called out the show, saying "#thismorning why the hell was that couple who broke into the water park given air time, they are criminals looking to make a quick buck, they are lucky not to have been charged, and they are having the audacity to sue the water park company, UNBELIEVABLE!!"

Read more at Hampshire Live

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