Most of us have these little things that we celebrate in our day-to-day living. Maybe yours is a streak of continuous green lights on that way to work, or you got 7 McNuggets in your order of 6. They are always dumb, but because we all have them, we can celebrate everyone's knowing that we could be next.

My 2 current "DLV's" are so weird though that I don't think anyone does any of these, except for me. Here goes: 1) When I open my ad-supported email account, if I can "x" out the ad before the pop-up window materializes and makes me choose the "stay" or "cancel" option before THEN hitting the red "x", I feel like I've won some unknown battle. It's the same when you click on a meme link on Facebook. Sometimes an "Age Warning" will grey out your screen until you click the option to "Sign in with your Facebook Account to verify age". When that accompanies a screen, if you hit the "X" in the browser window before it fully loads you can look at the dumb meme without giving some crazy website your Facebook permission. Again…DLV.
2) Right now I am coasting home from work as far as possible. There's a hill about a mile from my house, and as I drive up it I click the car into "Neutral" and glide over the top of the hill, down the other side, through a light, make a right turn into my subdivision while trying not to brake, just barely rolling over the mini-hill at the end of my street and into my driveway. It's the dumbest thing. Sometimes I get stopped by the light, or another car in front of me turning, but other times i get just about there in Neutral from a mile away…WIN!

My last one is a product from last year…my wife wanted to have her toes done for a Cardinals trip we were taking, and on a lark asked if I could maybe put their logo on her toe…damn, that worked freehand!

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