46-year-old Stacey Lynn Fraser of Trenton, Michigan was arrested last week while wearing a high school football jersey that she allegedly stole after walking into a home.

Fraser randomly walked into a home in Trenton, played with Grayson, the family's dog, and started cooking herself dinner. Unbeknownst to her, a 10-year-old boy was upstairs.

The boy said Fraser sounded drunk so he grabbed his BB gun and hid under the bed before calling 911. "Some random person is in my house trying to steal my dog."

Fraser's nightgown was found a few blocks away. So she was mostly naked when she broke in. According to homeowner John Sueta, "She put on my son's jersey -- his football jersey -- and my tennis shoes. Then, I don't know, she must have went out back with the dog to jump on the trampoline."

Police arrived shortly after and arrested Fraser on home invasion first degree charges. The family did get their jersey back.

Trenton Police Department

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