Police in Denver are looking for help to find a man who left a Denver homeowner a special surprise on his porch.

Scott McCoy was out of town skiing with friends over the weekend, but when he woke up the last day, his phone notified him that there was motion at his front door as well as someone ringing his doorbell sometime around 2 am.

Over the course of 41 different videos, he watched what appeared to be an intoxicated man trying to break into his home and ringing the doorbell. When he couldn't get in, the man went and squatted in the corner of his porch and left a chocolate hot dog on the ground. He spent the next few hours rolling around on the porch, getting poo on everything.

Scott has pictures he shows the interviewer pictures of the fecal sample on his furniture, windows and doors. He's yet to clean any of it up because he doesn't want to ruin the police's investigation. The pictures have been shared on Facebook and Nextdoor, a new app that allows full neighborhood communication and collaboration.

Friends have reached out with possible ways to get a hold of the responsible party, but Scott just wants an apology.

He understands that shit happens.

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