Sometimes life comes at you so fast, you can barely spend enough time pondering decisions before you jump right into them. For this guy, one minute he was enjoying a drink or two, the next, he was a pirate on the ocean who was wanted by the Coast Guard.

Tyln Morlang, 26, from Independence, Missouri was visiting Key West this week.

On Wednesday morning, he was drunk after a night out, and ended up finding his way onto one of those chartered "floating tiki hut" boats, which belongs to Cruisin' Tikis.

The Coast Guard spotted the boat during a patrol, and began the boarding of the hut.

"I am not going to jail!" Tyln told officers, which I hear has a 0% success rate.


He then told officers he had a heart issue, so he was taken to the hospital. When trying to fight officers in a hospital bed, one officer tased him.

Don't drink and pirate, you'll get caught.

Read more at Miami Herald

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