It's easy anytime something is out of stock, or canceled for some reason, or maybe you just don't feel like going somewhere, COVID is the easiest blame. For example: "Oh yeah, that's gone because of COVID." or "I can't make it to that one-man musical you're in tonight... I think I have COVID." How about, "Sorry officer, I'm not drunk and driving on two tires, I'm just foggy from the COVID?"

A guy who was twice the legal limit and also admitted to having some alcohol, 42-year-old Laurie Rosser said it was the COVID that made him not be able to think clearly.

Back on June 26th, Rosser, from Gorseinon, UK, had two of his tires blow out at some point while driving his Vauxhall van.

He was banned from driving for 17 months and fined 300 pounds, which is comparable to about $354 US.

During his court case this week, the court heard how the builder van had been seen traveling down the road with front and rear tires missing, with the steel hubs nearly worn away.

One motorist reported Rosser to police, who pulled him over around 2am on Sunday, June 26th.

A breathalyzer test showed that he was at nearly twice the legal limit for driving.

Going to Jail

"He tested positive for Covid the following day and said his mind was cloudy," Rhy Davies, the attorney for Rosser, said. "That influenced his decision to drive with two defective tires on the vehicle. He continued driving because he wanted to get to a place of safety off the motorway."

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