There's a blog I ran across that kinda disses Harris Pizza, and Quad City style pizza in general, but it's so funny and basically true that I couldn't stay as mad as I wanted to be.

Peter Rugg writes in Vice that he recently learned his childhood Pizza, Harris, is basically awful. Any Harris fan that stops reading there would be mad, but would be also doing yourself a disservice. The description of how the pizza is cut, and how that makes it nearly impossible to eat, is comedy gold. If you've ever HAD a Harris pizza, you know he's speaking the truth.


The rest comes down to basically personal taste. As a transplanted Chicago style pizza eater who now loves both styles (Gunchies and Harris in particular) I did experience culture shock when I first saw the ladder-style cut. What I appreciated was that he describes EVERY experience I've ever had eating Quad City Style Pizza, but never thought to articulate. Do yourself a flavor, read this whole piece, and have a laugh to start your weekend.




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