Angela Nguyen delivers pizzas for a Domino's in Ham Lake, Minnesota. She recently found out that a 76-year-old customer was living in a 12-foot camper that didn't have heat or running water.

Lee Haase lost his house after it was damaged in a fire. His son also died in a snowmobile accident recently.

Angela brought in a heater to make sure he didn't freeze to death. Then she started a GoFundMe page to raise money for him. In one month, people have donated over $30,000 to rebuild his house.

She's hoping to get it done by winter. $30,000 normally wouldn't be enough to cover it, but she found a contractor who's donating his time, and a store is donating the supplies.

Her mom has also been letting him stay with her for the last month. He has some health issues, and she's a retired nurse. He'll either be staying there or with someone else until his new house is done.

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