Let's set the scene. Imagine you are driving home late at night and you decided to grab food on your way home. You decide to go through the drive-through of your favorite fast food place. They close at 9:00 pm... It's 9:03pm. You pull up to the order screen knowing the store is past its closing time. Do you expect service? If you are denied, do you argue with the employee and demand service? Or, do you accept their rules and drive somewhere else?

This is a similar scenario that happened at a Taco Bell on Monday. Except, the customer did not arrive a minute before closing time, but rather, 3 minutes after closing time. The customer was so enraged that she was denied service that she called corporate... or did she?


A Taco Bell customer complaint has gone viral on TikTok after an employee recorded the late-night rant pretending to be corporate. Currently, the video has over 487.8k views and 63.6k likes. Commenters can not get over the woman’s remarks.

@tacohoeleess posted a video on TikTok of him pretending to be Taco Bell Corporate and taking a phone call of an angry customer who was refused service after closing time. The video was captioned "We close at 4:00 am, and it was 4:03 she was so mad and it was snowing😭😭😭 BUT DONT CALL HER YALL LMFAO"

According to the video, the customer arrived at Taco Bell three minutes after closing time. When the employees refused to take her order she became upset and requested the corporate phone number to call and complain. The employee who posted this video (@tacohoeless) decided to give the woman his phone number, rather than the corporate customer service line.

As the woman called the number to make her complaints, the employee was hitting computer keys to make it sound like he was typing up the complaints. The Woman said;

I go in there every single night around the same time... its the fact that they didn't even take my order, at all....You guys lost out on business because… we probably would’ve bought like $20 worth of Taco Bell for two people, maybe even $30.... we are on our way to the other Taco Bell and I would like to be compensated for that.

Put yourself in the woman's shoes. Would you have been upset to be denied service, 3 minutes after closing time? Or would you understand? Now, put yourself in the employee's shoes. How would you have handled the situation? Would you deny the customer service too?

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