"The Sword in the Stone" is a classic Disney movie from 1963, in which a young King Arthur who pulls Excalibur from the stone to become king of England. Magic Kingdom in Disneyland and Disney World have a version of Excalibur "stuck" in a stone, which has never been removed, until now.

Excalibur was reported missing by WDW News on January 12th, but they had a follow up story the next day saying it was back.

According to a witnesses, a first time visitor to the park only named "Sam" was told by the witness to pull the sword out to get a prize. Sam is reported to be a pretty "burly" guy, and pulled the sword out. Except it's not supposed to come out.


At first it looked like he pulled the sword out of the stone, but when he was surrounded by Cast Members, they realized he had just broken the top half of the sword from the rest of the piece.

The sword is included in a show featuring Merlin the Magician inviting guests to try to pull the sword out, letting a few big adults pull on the sword with no prevail, then a child pulls the sword out with no problem.

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