If you've been to either of the U.S. Disney properties, chances are you've been to the Fantasmic! show that's been a staple in the parks since 1992. The show is known for its pyrotechnics and special effects.

This weekend at the Disneyland property in Anaheim, California, the iconic 45-foot-tall Maleficent dragon that Mickey battles during the show went up in flames, and not the fire-breathing kind it normally does. Video of the affair was shared to TikTok all weekend long.


From what the video shows, as the dragon is supposed to start breathing fire, the back of its head catches fire, and flames started to come out of its eyes.

Lauren.g.maynard via TikTok
Lauren.g.maynard via TikTok

From there, a voice came over the speakers and said "This show cannot continue due to unforeseen circumstances" and music began playing while the dragon quickly became more and more engulfed in flames.

The show is located on Tom Sawyer Island, which was evacuated so fire officials could put out the flames. Overall the park stayed open, but some rides had to be closed down because of the smoke.

Videos continued to surface from around the park from various vantages, like this one from just before the drop on Splash Mountain.

"Anaheim Fire & Rescue quickly responded, and the fire was extinguished,"Disneyland officials told USA TODAY. "All cast members were safely evacuated from Tom Sawyer Island. Due to smoke and wind, attractions near the island were safely evacuated of any guests, and the cause of the fire remains under investigation at this time."

Until a cause for the fire is determined, Disney has stopped the use of similar pyrotechnics at all properties. They've stopped "at select shows and entertainment experiences globally out of an abundance of caution," the Disneyland officials added. "The continued safety of our cast and guests is of the utmost importance."

Video was shared Sunday, showing the stage of the show with walls up to hide the repairs that are going on behind the scenes.

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