With the whole 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter special coming out, I've been watching through the series for the first time in years.


Of course, I did something, so Facebook knows and starts suggesting all kinds of Harry Potter stuff. One of which was an interesting article about some iPhone and Google Assistant tricks that have to do with the popular wizarding world.

In the series, one of the more used spells is "Lumos," which causes the tip of the witch or wizard's wand to light up like a flashlight.


Well, now you can do the same spell with Siri.

Either say, "Hey Siri, Lumos," or hold down the button and 'cast' the spell. This will turn the phone's flashlight on.

In the reverse, you can tell Siri or your Google Assistant, "Nox," which will put out the light.

You can also use one of the series' other most used spells, "Accio," which in the films (and books) will bring the desired object straight to the hand of the spell caster.

"Accio" and your desired app will open the app of your choosing. For example, saying "Accio Facebook" will open (or bring you) the Facebook app.

Read more at Liverpool Echo

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