Iowa's largest school district canceled classes for Tuesday after determining there was a cyber attack on its technology network.

Des Moines Public Schools announced Monday that classes would be cancelled for the nearly 33,000 in its district after being "alerted to a cyber security incident on its technology network."

The district said in a news release that it took its internet and network services offline while they and officials assess the situation. No word yet on the nature of the attack or if any sensitive information might have been stolen, and it didn't immediately respond to a request for further information.

Des Moines schools were closed Tuesday following an apparent attack on the district's network.

"Because many technology tools that support both classroom learning as well as the management and operation of the school district are not available at this time, the prudent decision is to close the district for the day," the district said.

The decision will be made Tuesday afternoon regarding whether classes will be held tomorrow.

Sports and other activities were cancelled at Des Moines schools Tuesday, but teams will be allowed to compete at schools outside the district, Roeder said.

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In October of last year, the Davenport Community School District revealed it was victim to a cyber attack, where student data was compromised and held ransom by the hacker group Karakurt.

The attack began in September, but the district believed they were fast enough to close off access to the hack before they stole student information.

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