It's hard to see businesses struggling.  Since the beginning of the pandemic we watched restaurants close their doors.  Some for good some reducing the amount of days they were open. At first it was because no one was going out.  We were locked in our house.  And now it seems there's nobody wanting to work for the same rate as before.

Hiring incentives are exploding.  Offering thousands of dollars to stay on for at least 90 days seems to be the going rate for work.

It's gotten so crazy that I've often wondered how I could juggle a radio show and work another full time job just so I could get in on that action.

Turns out I wouldn't have to juggle at all.  I wouldn't be juggling or even doing a balancing act to take advantage of what this pizza place is offering.

Domino's is running a new promotion where they'll "tip" customers $3.00 for choosing carryout instead of delivery.  We assume it's because they're struggling to find drivers.  Most places are struggling to find employees.


If you're the type who picks up the pizza's a nice bonus.  But beware.  You don't get the "tip" on that order.  You'll be getting $3 coupon to use within a couple weeks.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem cost effective to do my own delivery.  Especially if I can only earn tips on what I order for myself.  But I'm guessing this isn't the only business that will go to a "self-service" model ala gas stations in the 80's.


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