Deer are on a rampage this week, first the deer that decided to blast through the front window of a lingerie store, and now there's a deer who ruined the sale of a pickup truck for a guy who was trying to sell it through Facebook Marketplace.

The footage captured from a home security camera showed Jay Vaughn's driveway in New Jersey, where his cars were parked and his prospective buyer who was coming to see the truck and seal the deal had just arrived, not even getting out of the car yet.

You can even see the buyer pulling up to the house at the beginning of the clip.

It's quick, but suddenly a deer in full sprint comes into frame, hits the edge of the driveway, and jumps over a Pontiac Vibe, a Honda CR-V, and fly through the air even further, but didn't quite clear the entire driveway.

The deer lands belly-first on the side of the bed attached to the 2007 Chevy Silverado, denting the panel above the panel, right in front of the buyer and the seller.


After landing in the bed of the truck, it awkwardly lept again, kicking the truck on the way out.

Now, the truck was listed as it was at $9,200, but Vaughn said because of the damages that had just incurred, he and the buyer settled on a $1,000 discount.

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