About 10 am Monday, a man was dropped off in an alley behind Farnam St and 29th in Davenport, and then kicked in the door of a house to rob it.

The driver dropped him off in this car, which was obtained from the homeowner's surveillance cameras.

Stacy Fletcher Pheifer via Facebook
Stacy Fletcher Pheifer via Facebook

Here's him getting out of the car.

After kicking in the door, he stole Christmas presents , power tools, a purse with money in it, and spare car keys. Being this close to the holidays it would be nice if someone could find this dude.

Here he is leaving the residence.

Any help locating this person would be greatly appreciated. Please contact the Davenport Police Department (563-326-7979) if you have any information on the whereabouts of this individual. It shouldn't be too hard with that face tattoo.

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