On a Saturday afternoon, Gabe will order pizza for he and his wife as an inexpensive quick dinner before everyone heads their separate ways. Well, today it was neither, with $4,452.00 added as an accidental tip to the $28.00 dinner! The receipt included the standard 'Convenience Fee,' and a tip amount Gabe added on the order. But an additional four grand made it in as "Tip number 1."

2020 townsquaremedia Used by permission.
2020 townsquaremedia Used by permission.

"Usually, I just order online, but today I called," Gabe said, noting he was locked out of the pizza places' online account. But there was some obvious confusion in the process. He was alerted to the large tip by the delivery driver, which prompted another call to the pizza shop.

The operator added the amount by mistake, Gabe said, but didn't seemed concerned with fixing the issue. When the manager came on the phone, Gabe told him that his bank had already issued a hold on the purchase due to the questionable amount. And that he hoped the restaurant would incur any additional bank fees due to the unusually large, incorrect tip. To that the manager said, " I can’t do anything with you on the phone, have a nice day”.

So the driver went on his way, and Gabe expected that the issue was resolved after his chat with the manager. As of right now, his bank has not been charged. Gabe said he appreciates the free pizza, "But not the heart burn and anxiety for dessert!"

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