The City of Davenport announced today through a press release that the curfew in place has been lifted as of this morning, and normality may return to the city.


On Thursday night, hundreds of community members gathered peacefully in Vander Veer Park to express their views and peacefully protest. The City of Davenport joins our community in grieving and reaffirms its support for justice, equality and opportunity for all. Mayor Matson and Chief Sikorski joined the protestors at Vander Veer and knelt with our community members in solidarity. We as a City and as a Police Department are committed to taking the time to listen and understand. The diversity of Davenport is the heart beat of who were are, and now more than ever, we must stand together, strengthening our resolve to continue on the path for a better tomorrow for all.


After the civil unrest in Davenport on Sunday night, many of our citizens were understandably shaken. However, the incidents of violence of Sunday night do not define who we are as a community. Rather, our community is defined by our citizens who value respectful dialogue to move important issues forward for the betterment for all of our citizens. We are encouraged that our community members continued respectful dialogue and peaceful actions throughout the week, not allowing the unrest of Sunday to overshadow the greater message of justice and equality.


We sincerely thank the citizens of Davenport for helping to deal with this challenges of this past week by abiding by the curfew put in place by Scott County. By staying home, you allowed our first responders to swiftly respond as needed to calls for service throughout our community. You were vigilant in locking your homes and cars. Our neighborhoods were illuminated with exterior lights. Because of the actions of our citizens, Davenport restored calm to our community following the unrest of Sunday night. Beginning tonight, Scott County will rescind the curfew for our county.


The safety of all citizens is our first priority. The citizens of Davenport can be confident that should respectful dialogue and peaceful action once again turn to violence, the Davenport Police Department stands ready to ensure the safety of our community.



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