Denise Cundell Day lost her son to a motorcycle accident three months ago. On top of the grieving, her memories of Drew will be marred by the greed of others.

Once the news broke of the 19-year-old's death, support poured in from all over the Quad Cities. Friends and family held bake sales and fundraisers and sent gift cards. Then there was the "Drew Morgan and Family Benefit" held by Gordie Morrow, a friend of Drew's girlfriend.

That benefit had a 50/50 raffle, silent auction, and bike ride to raise money for Drew's grieving family. In all, $4,200 was raised at the benefit and the family says they've seen none of it.

"And we were picking out caskets and picking out what our son was going to wear. We really didn't have our eye on it, you don't," Denise told WQAD. "And that's why this happened."

Morrow told the family that he mailed half of the money to the funeral home. When the check was never signed for, he said he would personally deliver it.

When that didn't happen, Denise called the police. Unfortunately, the cops say there is nothing they can do since nothing was stolen.

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