In a bizarre trend on TikTok, users are attempting to improve their tans by pouring beer onto their skin. Some believe that this hack works because hops, a component of beer, can stimulate the production of melanin in the body. However, experts are warning against trying this dangerous method.

Imagine doing this and getting pulled over on your drive home.  "I swear, officer . . . I haven't been drinking."  The newest dumb life hack from TikTok is to pour BEER all over yourself to get a better tan.

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Viral Beer Tanning Videos

Numerous videos have emerged on social media platforms, with individuals trying out this “affordable” and “best tan ever” method. But health professionals have described this practice as perilous, as it could lead to severe heatstroke, sun poisoning, and skin cancer.

“This insane trend is unbelievably dangerous and could have severe consequences. We strongly advise individuals to avoid this method and stick to conventional, safe tanning techniques,” remarked Kathryn Clifford, the co-founder of Skcin, a skin cancer awareness charity. Not only does this beer-pouring hack make the skin sticky and susceptible to insects, but it also puts users' health at great risk.

Stefano Pietrini has cautioned against using beer as a tanning aid, stating that it may lead to sun poisoning. He explains that exposing oneself to the sun without proper sun protection may cause sunburn, heatstroke, premature aging, and an increased risk of developing skin cancer.

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TikTok Prohibits Tanning Videos

Furthermore, TikTok has prohibited the promotion of tanning videos on its platform due to concerns raised by Melanoma Institute Australia about the “sunburnt tanlines” hashtag. The hashtag garnered over 200 million views, largely comprised of teenagers and young adults showcasing their sunburns.

“Tanning. It’s Cooked”

To further promote awareness about skin cancer prevention, TikTok has launched the “Tanning. It’s Cooked” campaign. The campaign entails activating a warning message to users searching for terms such as “beach”, “sunburn”, and “summer sun”, encouraging individuals to protect themselves from melanoma and other skin cancer risks.


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