Memoirs Of An Uprising is the new release from Damon Johnson.  These 10 new songs are radio-ready and will give your speakers a well-deserved workout.  That is, if you still listen to the radio, and still use speakers.  Earbuds won't do this record justice.

If you're familiar with Johnson's guitar work, you won't be disappointed here.  There's enough sizzling and smoldering here to keep anyone satisfied, and asking for more.  It's the vocals and writing that made me do a double-take.

Darker themes swirl around this record. The first assault is 'Shivering Shivering,' which runs a relationship through a field of sticker bushes at night.  I can't tell if this is a new mystery, or a dying partnership because Johnson's vocals are so sarcastic. Even his beautiful ballad 'The World Keeps Spinning Round' chronicles a love that might not even be real.  Is he telling the story of a long-lasting relationship, or just one bad night inside his own head? This also happens to be some of my favorite guitar work on the record.

'We Got A System' and 'Call It A Trade' are literally bring you inside his head, and you can hear it in his vocals.  Haunting, and aching, at times reminiscent of Geoff Tate as his best.

I can't get enough of this record.  If you listen to our show, y'know, on the radio, you'll hear  'Making Peace With This Wicked Beast' which could also describe me listening to this honest record over and over, louder and louder. Damon churns his vocal, at times soft, at times screaming, and another level rarely heard,  stomping through the chorus with swagger.  Wicked beast indeed.

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