There is nothing in this world that could compare to the bond between a father and a daughter - but some of them will show them in... different ways.

One dad in the UK just set a new Guinness World Record after having his seven-year-old daughter's name tattoed a total of 667 times.

Guinness World Records
Guinness World Records

Mark Owen Evans first had his daughter's name, Lucy, tattoed 267 times on his back back in 2017, getting the world record for Most Tattoos of the Same Name on the Body. In 2020, his record was stolen by 27-year-old USA citizen Diedra Vigil who had her own name tattooed on her body 300 times.

Mark was determined this time to break the record again, and without much space left on his back, he decided to have the new tattoos put on his thighs.

It took five and a half hours for all 400 tattoos - 200 on each leg - to be completed.

“I couldn’t wait to claim the record back and dedicate this to my daughter,” Mark said.

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Mark initially set this record to celebrate Lucy’s birth, as well as to raise funds for the hospital which provided care for her in the following months.

“I love that I’m literally wearing my record and it goes everywhere with me,” he added.


Read more at Guinness World Records

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