This is a scenario straight out of a sitcom, but it's amazing because it actually happened.


53-year-old Michael Gollehon in Omaha, Nebraska was putting away some groceries on Tuesday when he saw a batch of brownies that belonged to his adult children and he ate four of them.

A little while later, he started getting anxious and feeling really strange. That's when he and his wife Julie realized he'd eaten pot brownies. They called 911 about an accidental overdose.

When the cops got there, they found Michael crawling around and calling the family cat a bitch.

He told the paramedics that he felt like he was "trippin'," but he didn't want to go to the hospital. They checked his vitals and he was okay, so they helped him into his bed and headed out.

Julie wouldn't tell the cops her kids' names because she didn't want them to get in trouble, but the cops say they weren't going to be charged anyway.

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