We've all owned some piece of crap cars that have their quirks, and you realize it's bad when a friend gets in and says "What's that sound?" but you don't hear anything out of the ordinary because it's always made that sound. However, you do know it's time to hit the shop when you hear a new sound that you've never heard before.

When at the shop, you get asked what the problem is, but when you tell them what sound it makes, they're bound to at least chuckle about it. Whether you replicate the sound - "It's sort of a 'Psh psh psh psh fffffpppppp' sound," or you say - "It sounds like an elephant."

There's a YouTube channel dedicated to weird things wrong with cars, and it's a series called "Customer States" - a nod to the work forms mechanics get. The forms read "Customer States" and then whatever the customer says is wrong.

Check out some of these weird sounds on the newest edition of "Customer States," which includes sounds of elephants, a "scream," a "locomotive," a snare drum, and a "farter noise."

One of my favorites is the car that "Sounds like a goose," which had hit a curb, and it was rolling lopsided on its way out of the shop.

Check out the sounds, and see if you can hear exactly what the customers are describing.

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