Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky has told the story of the weirdest complaints he's heard in the time Airbnb has been around.

He said they received a call from a customer asking for a full refund. When asked why, the customer said that the house was haunted.

After viewing the listing, Chesky said the ghost, named Stanley, was an advertised part of the house, so they pointed it out to the customer. The customer reformed the complaint in more detail, saying their problem wasn't with the presence, but that he wasn't as friendly as he was advertised.

She said "Yes, we know about Stanley, but he's been harassing us all night."

Chesky said he wasn't sure how to handle the situation.

He also shared a story of a woman who complained because she thought she was renting out a private apartment, but it turned out to be a studio apartment. The owner slept on the couch, and she slept in the bed with the owner's parrot.

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