When Family Guy first aired in 1999 it immediately became an icon of American pop culture. Of course, it had to get canceled by fox but then after a staggeringly popular DVD release, the fans were able to convince the execs over at Fox to bring the show back.

Over the years, there have been over 100 guest star appearances. Some became regular recurring characters, such as James Woods, Carrie Fisher as Angela, and who couldn't forget Adam West's role as the hilarious dimwit mayor.

As I was watching the show recently, I started thinking about how there have been some big names on the show, but I also realized that there have been quite a few who have died.

There are plenty of celebrities who died not long after appearing on the show, but had a few other performances on other shows or movies before their death, like Debbie Reynolds, or Phyllis Diller.

But after some research, nobody can convince me that there isn't a "Family Guy Curse." 13 celebrities have had their very last TV appearance on the show, and they didn't even know at the time of the recording.

13 Celebrities Whose Last Appearance Was On 'Family Guy'

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