It seems there's two times people are craving some waffle fries and chicken nuggets: Sunday, and when there isn't one near you. A group of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute students on the Cross Country team didn't let that stop them, because they're students of higher education who can figure anything out.

The team had a week off, and they all had a hankering for some chicken sandwiches, the only problem being the closest Chick-fil-A is over an hour and a half away.

After a team member remembered seeing one in the Albany Airport which is 15 minutes away, they only had the TSA standing between them and golden chicken.

Team Captain Vincent Putrino came up with a plan to retrieve the nuggets, it just would take buying a plane ticket so he could get through security to the restaurant. The cheapest ticket he could find was $98, so the team of 18 splitting the bill only came to about $5.50 a person.

The team pooled their money, sent Putrino to the counter where he bought the ticket, checked in through security, and made it to Chick-fil-A, where he ordered everyone's order:

  • 15 Chick-Fil-A Sandwiches
  • 15 Large Fries
  • 13 Orders of Chicken Nuggets
  • A Bag of Cookies
  • Lemonade

After the $227.28 bill plus the plane ticket, the total came to about $18 a person.

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