At some point, haven't we all dreamed of giving up our lives, getting on a boat, and sailing around the world? Here's why you shouldn't.

24-year-old Nikki Walsh and her 26-year-old boyfriend Tanner Broadwell actually did it. They said they were sick of the corporate lifestyle and they wanted to travel the world.

Last year they sold all of their stuff, moved from Colorado to Florida, and bought a 28-foot sailboat, even though they didn't really have any sailing experience. Last Tuesday, the boat was finally ready, so they set sail for Key West.

The next day, the boat sank.

Apparently they hit something that was underwater, the cabin flooded, and they had to abandon ship. They were rescued, but the boat is a total loss.

Now Nikki and Tanner really don't know what to do. They have no clothes, no money, no stuff, no place to live, they really have nothing.

They're hoping friends and family are going to prop them up for now, and then one day in the future, they're going to get another boat. Nikki says, "We can't just give up on our dreams now."

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