There's a big fantasy about living in "international waters," especially for libertarians and other people who don't want any government to be able to tell them what to do.

Unfortunately, it's really more of a fantasy than a reality, and there's a couple that's learning that the very hard way.

There's a guy named Chad Elwartowski who's originally from Michigan. He's a Bitcoin millionaire, and he and his wife recently decided to move into a small floating pod about 12 nautical miles away from Phuket, Thailand in international waters.



Totally sovereign and lawless, right? Well Thailand didn't see it that way. They identified it as a new nation basically setting up in their maritime territory, which is a threat to their coast.

So Chad and his wife, Supranee Thepdet, are now facing criminal charges in Thailand. And it could be punishable by death.

So they've bailed from their floating utopia and now they're on the run.

Read more at ABC 7 - Detroit.

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