Food eating competitions are always entertaining and dramatic whether you’re watching people eat pizza or pie or even hot dogs! People love food and they like to see how fast someone can get it down their throats and into their stomachs. But why do we like this so much? Why do we like watching people get stuffed to the brim with food?

People watch food challenges for two main reasons: it’s entertaining to see what people eat, and it’s entertaining to see people get messy. Watching someone chow down on an entire plate of pancakes is pretty standard, but you get something different when there’s a deep-fried donut involved.

In a pie-eating contest, contestants must eat an entire pie by themselves in a given amount of time. Contestants can do so by either eating from one slice at a time or disassembling and reassembling a slice into slices that they can swallow more easily. Though there is no official world record for a pie-eating contest, hundreds of people have been recorded to have won these events...although I mostly think back to the Revenge of the Nerds scene where Ogre revealed a naked picture of the blonde girl.

If there was something I had to eat competitively, it would probably be Manny's Pizza. Small, bite-sized squares of pizza that are easy to chew and wolf down.  My wife would say I eat like a competitive eater even though there's no one to race.

Competitive eater Nela Zisser polished-off a dozen Krispy Kremes in less than four minutes.

I don't think I could do that.


Everyone is rejoicing that the McRib is back! You can hear the chanting from down the block. Everyone is washing their hands a little bit more due to the bbq sauce residue and it's wonderful.

All is right with the world.

But it isn't always like this. The McRib will leave soon and we'll have to settle for a McChicken or a Double Quarter Pounder like a peasant. Life isn't fair. We know this.

However, my cousin Steve has figured out a way to beat the system.

He's gotten his hands dirty and experimented so we don't have to. He has perfected the DIY McRib!

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