An adorable viral video of a polite little guy has taken the internet by storm, showing a relationship built between a business and the wildlife nearby it.

Tiktok @samguptuppy
Tiktok @samguptuppy

A Delicious Heist

In a heartwarming moment caught on camera, a sneaky raccoon managed to charm its way to a free treat at a Dunkin' drive-thru. A video posted on social media shows the raccoon confidently waddling towards the drive-thru window before casually cutting in line ahead of a couple in their car.

It appears this isn't the first time this raccoon has pulled off this heist, as the employee knew exactly what to do. She reaches through the window, retrieves a delicious-looking donut, and hands it over to the adorable little bandit. The raccoon grabs the treat with its paws and devours it quickly, before disappearing into some nearby bushes.

TikTok @samguptuppy
TikTok @samguptuppy

While some may view this as a strange occurrence, it seems that this Dunkin' location has an unspoken agreement with the local wildlife.

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Cutting In Line

A couple sitting in their car at a Dunkin' drive-thru filmed a raccoon cutting in line and being rewarded with a complimentary donut.


The humorous caption on the video says, "Dude should know you can't walk up to the drive-thru."

The Comments

People in the comments were more supportive of the event, being in awe of how cute the critter was.

"The way the worker just gave it to the raccoon, you know they've been doing that for a while. So Cute." said one comment.

Another commenter chimed in, "He's definitely a regular."

It seems like this isn't the only Dunkin that has a recurring furry friend. One commenter noted, "When I worked at Dunkin we had a squirrel that would come every morning for a peanut munching."

As the video circulates online, viewers can't help but admire the raccoon's confidence and resourcefulness. The clever critter certainly knows how to score a tasty treat. Who knows, maybe one day we'll all be sharing our morning coffee with our furry neighbors.

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