A Wisconsin staple's price is at a 100 year high, just weeks after at one of the lowest price points in history.

The Wisconsin Cheesemakers Association says the price of cheddar is skyrocketing because of the demand from the nation's restaurants reopening. Restaurants account for half of all cheese sales.

"We've got restaurants looking for that sliced and shredded cheddar, you've got people at home wanting that shredded product, so this all bears down on that one product that sets the price of the entire industry," John Umhoefer with the association said.

Cheddar is up to $2.70 per pound.

High Cheese Prices Cut Into Kraft's Profits
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Companies are still buying whatever cheese they can find, and even willing to pay up to $200 per pound to have some.

The experts with the WCA say things will even out as suppliers catch up on production.

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