There's a new building going up across the street from a children's hospital in South Bend, Indiana. The construction foreman came up with a pretty cool way to entertain all the sick kids who've been watching from their windows.

His name is Jason Haney. A few months ago, he printed up a life-sized cutout of Waldo from the "Where's Waldo" books. Since then he's been hiding it around the construction site, so the kids have to find it every day.

Jason says he came up with the idea after he and his employees built a snowman outside the hospital last winter and the kids loved it. He has a daughter in high school who suffered a stroke while his wife was still pregnant with her. So he knows how important distractions can be for kids and their parents when something like that's going on.

He also started a Facebook group, so they can post photos of Waldo whenever they spot it.

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