We all know Karens are really good about finding every flaw in a product, and they let everyone know about it. What if you could make great money being a Karen?

Dehumidifier Critic said they're looking for a "Hyper-Critical Karen" to write judgemental product reviews.

"The right ‘Karen’ will be initially contracted to three months employment, with the view to extend if the service is popular."


All "Karen" will have to do is write three brutally honest reviews a week, and be available/oversee their new call in service, "Call-A-Karen". The call service would be an advice and recommendation line.

"We're recruiting a woman to write three (honest) reviews a week . . . as well as be the voice and authority behind our Call-A-Karen service, which potential customers can call for advice and recommendations."

The job is 100% remote, and would pay $65 an hour. Be sure to apply before next Monday, August 31.

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