This couple has taken sibling rivalry to the next level. Brian and Marcy Weibler named their 10-year-old Tom Brady and their 8-year-old Peyton Manning.

Marcy Weibler

The Weibler's have always been big Denver Broncos fans, but they named their 10-year-old after the Patriots' quarterback. The year he was born New England beat the Seahawks in Super Bowl XXXIX. Jump forward two years when their second son is born the August after Peyton Manning won Super Bowl XLI with the Colts.

Marcie told that both boys love their namesake’s team so much that Brady’s bedroom is Patriots-themed, while Peyton’s bedroom is decked out in Broncos orange.

“We didn’t instill this in them,” she said. “We told them once who they were named after, but then they went from there.”

She said both her sons play multiple sports, and would like to play football when they are older. Brady in particular idolizes the Patriots quarterback, wanting to follow in his footsteps by playing football at the University of Michigan.