Have you ever been in a store and heard an announcement over the intercom with codes you didn't understand? You might wonder if something out of the ordinary is about to happen.

Whatever it is you hear, these codes aren't always meant solely for employees - some can alert customers to potential dangers.

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Attention Walmart Shoppers

In the interest of public safety, Common Cents Mom compiled a list of these intercom codes often used in Walmart stores. The secret codes provided by Common Cents Mom are categorized into four areas:

  • General announcements (like cleanups)
  • Customer service updates
  • Sales and discounts
  • Emergency alerts
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These codes might involve a combination of numbers, letters, or words. However, you should be most alert for codes involving colors, as these are often the most significant intercom messages.

Code Brown

One of the most crucial code words to know is Code Brown. It is one of the most distressing codes to hear on the intercom because it alarms customers that they are in great danger and need to leave the store immediately.

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When shopping in Walmart, you may hear code words used over the store’s intercom system. Here is a list of the color code words that you need to know.

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Here's What Each Walmart Emergency Color Code Means

Some Walmart intercom codes involve the use of different colors. Each color is linked to a particular event or situation occurring in the store.

The significance of these color-coded alerts can range from relatively significant incidents to potentially critical, life-threatening situations. Understanding what these codes imply is crucial for Walmart employees. This understanding ensures they can promptly take required safety steps as and when necessary.

Hopefully, you'll never hear these codes announced at Walmart, but if you do, at least you'll know what they mean, and how you should act accordingly.

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