If you love cool cars, and adorable young ladies, then you might want to get your hands on a Dwyer and Michaels Classic Car Calendar for 2014.  They are free and available all over the QCA, and here's a little tip…out-of-towners may get one sent to them if you email Klinger…shhh.

U-Pull-Apart is our title sponsor this year, which means they put up some pretty good cash to help us produce the calendar, and keep it free for everybody.  Every month they do a special Saturday Pull-a-Thon, where for one price you can take all the used parts you can carry!  I have picked many parts for my stable of cars there, from distributor caps to mirrors, knobs, and a front grille for the Bronco. This is a great way to get parts at an even better price! Each special Saturday is marked in our calendar.  Check them out if you're handy!

Here we are all screwing around, before any of us got too soaking wet. The orange 1965 Mustang is mine, by default. It's not a show car by any means, but if you can believe it, it was difficult convincing any owners to let us soak their classic in suds and water for 2 hours. So there it is…a 20 footer.

We have a bunch of other great sponsors as well throughout the year, and I will give them a shout as the year goes on.

I am also going to use my blog to treat those of you who like to peer behind the curtain by putting behind-the-scenes photos up as the months go by this year.  First up, the cover shoot, which took place on a cold November night at Total Detail in Bettendorf.  We froze our senses off for about 2 hours, sitting under the spray to get the refracted light just right.  Well, we didn't get it right at all…but we had a fun time anyway!  We chose the cover shot because it really just depicts what we are all about…two friends screwing around.

The outtake here is from early on in the shoot, with Goose and Klinger jumping in the shot.  They worked tirelessly that night in the cold, closed car wash after hours.  Tabitha took the photos that night as well as others in the calendar...