As of right now, the Chicago Cubs have the best record in the MLB. With the season not even halfway over, fans believe this will be the year that the Cubs pull it off and win the World Series. Nobody believes more than this guy.

Dean Masani is a 47-year-old diehard Cubs fan who just got a little bit of ink on his arm. He is so confident that the Cubs will win a series before 2020 that he got "World Series Champions 1907, 1908, 201 ," as a tattoo. Take a look:

"Look at the lineup they have. This is the worst team I think they'll have until 2019 and they're dominating," Masani said. But what if they lose? "It's not an option. I have a mental block that there is no Plan B because it's not going to be needed. Of course, I could have them do something with the tattoo, but I don't have a Plan B. No reason for one."

June Swoon.

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