I'm pretty cheap.  I've been known to give my children Christmas & birthday gifts from rummage sales. To my credit, I'm from a long line of "thrifty" spenders. My mother is a cheapo too.  She washes baggies to reuse them. (the ziplock kind...I mean, not the brand name Ziplock...the off brand baggie with a zipper on the top).  Her dad had an electric toilet to save on water (gross).  His dad reused paper towels by hanging them up to dry.

Someone is this building is also a cheap bastard.  This caught my eye last week...


In case you can't see it....

That is a plastic knife.  It is sitting next to the sink where it is drying with all the other "dishes" that have just been washed.

Yes, someone washed a plastic knife!!  Was it a DJ who may be used to poverty like conditions?  Was it an office person who is in charge of ordering such items as disposable cutlery?

The world may never know.  But they, themselves know.  And that may be the biggest punishment of all.