The dark days of popping a squat on a toilet, being too late to realize you have no toilet paper, and having to scream and holler to whoever is in the house to bring you some are no longer.

At CES 2020 in Las Vegas, a conference featuring a myriad of not-yet-released and concept consumer products, Procter and Gamble showed off their newest concept robot.

The Rollbot, a two wheeled balancing robot with phone connectivity, is programmed to bring you a roll of toilet paper on command. It's complete with a screen, sporting the brand's bear mascot.

Procter and Gamble

There wasn't an explanation as to how the robot would get the potty paper from the cupboard, but that's a problem for next year.

P&G also showed off their concept for a sensor call "SmellSense," a sensor to let you know when the bathroom's stank is at a toxic level not fit for human consumption.

In addition to the gadgets, P&G boasted about their new portable public restroom pod, called AR V.I.Pee. It's a private public restroom with a VR headset mounted over the toilet, so you can go without missing a beat of the concert.


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