This Wednesday is known as Black Out Wednesday or Drinksgiving. It's the day you go out with the family you can stand so that you can all better tolerate the family you can't stand.

Head over to Rascals Live for the first-ever Black Out Wednesday Turkey Testicle Festival for a night of partying and great music from two awesome bands.

Got Your Six, who recently performed at 97X Tribute Fest as 'Grungebob Squarepants' is a local band that plays your favorite 90s and 2000s rock and hard rock songs.

After them, it's Electric Shock, The AC/DC Tribute Show that's known not just locally, but regionally for their lookalike and soundalike tribute to one of the greatest classic rock bands of all time.

Doors for the show open at 7:30pm, with the show starting at 8pm. This is an ages 21+ show.

Tickets are availble online here for $9.70 in advance, or just $10 at the door.

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