Someone finally managed to cook something at Taco Bell that's more explosive than their bean burritos.

The police in Cedar Rapids busted a Taco Bell employee and his friend yesterday morning, for using the bathroom as a meth lab. The cops got a call around 4:40 A.M. about a suspicious person there. When they showed up, 31-year-old Christopher Matous and 56-year-old Kent Duby were outside the Taco Bell.

They'd mostly cleaned up the lab, but they left a few traces behind. Both of them were arrested for conspiracy to manufacture meth. Christopher was also charged with meth possession.

(Cedar Rapids Police Department)

Here's the statement made by the restaurant:

Both we and our franchise find this completely unacceptable. Our franchise has been cooperating with C.R. Police to investigate this isolated incident. Although the suspicious items found in the restaurant were not used in the kitchen, the employee has been terminated and our franchisee is considering pressing criminal charges.

The police left this note on the door: