Take a look at the Valravn Birdseye, next summer this giant new roller coaster will help Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio break ten world records.

Coming in at 3,415 feet long Valravn continues tradition with a record-setting 214 feet, 90-degree initial freefall that sees the coaster hitting 75 miles per hour.

The Valravn is the 100th coaster built by Bolliger & Mabillard in Monthey, Switzerland and will set or break ten records when it is built.

  1. Tallest dive coaster (223 feet)
  2. Fastest dive coaster (75 mph)
  3. Longest dive coaster (3,415 feet)
  4. Most inversions on a dive coaster (three)
  5. Longest drop on a dive coaster (214 feet)
  6. Highest inversion on a dive coaster (165 feet)
  7. Most roller coasters taller than 200 feet at one amusement park (5)
  8. Most rides at one amusement park (72)
  9. Most steel roller coaster track at one amusement park (52,125 feet/9.9 miles)
  10. Most roller coaster track at one amusement park (60,110 feet/11.4 miles)

Here's a first-person view of the ride that you can pan the camera around:

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